User-friendliness and layout

The H2O is something you really should experience. Still, we’ll try to give you a first impression here.

Immediately upon boarding, you will notice how stable the ship is and how safe the high railings feel. The non-slip deck, made from almost completely indestructible plastic, feels solid and absorbs the sound of footsteps. There is plenty of walking space everywhere on the deck, with the foredeck in particular being a sea of space – perfect for working or sitting. Behind the wheelhouse, the deck becomes the seating area at the rear of the boat . There is a passageway on both the port and starboard side, which means you can simply walk through without having to clamber. The big advantage during rough weather is clear – the area at the rear empties faster than water can build up in it.

The large access door leads to the bright and spacious living area-cum-wheelhouse. Ideal for combining the relaxing living space with nautical convenience. There is also an outdoor seat here, with a roof covering. As soon as you enter, you will find a cupboard for wet clothing.

A wide staircase takes you down to the living room/kitchen of around 15m2, with the kitchen in a corner, and with every comfort you need and a dining table and a round seat. The way the light comes in through the portholes and from the salon, together with the generous height, emphasises the feeling of space.

An open corridor leads from the galley to the rear or owner’s cabin. This corridor is home to various utilities, such as the washing machine, dryer, and other household equipment. The engine room and technical room are located nearby. Whenever the ship is moored up, it is connected to power and water supplies, and to sewerage systems, using quick-connect couplings.

The rear cabin measures around 5 x 3 metres, with enough headroom throughout. Light enters through the portholes and a rim of light in the stern of the ship. The owner’s cabin has plenty of storage space in the built-in cupboards, while the bathroom is spacious and bright; there is a separate toilet too.

Walking from the galley to the bow, you will find a second bathroom, opposite a bedroom. The second bedroom is in the point.