Maritime innovations

A wide variety of designs are created in the workshop, both in-house or in the context of long-term partnerships. From a self-sufficient seafaring houseboat (POWERHOUSE boat ) to indestructible tenders and work boats (Tideman). Designer sloops made from recovered plastic (Plastic Whale) also set sail from this location.

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The yard is also where the dreams of anyone wishing to live on water and sail the seas are turned into reality. It is here that the POWERHOUSE boat is nearing completion. This self-sufficient seafaring houseboat will feature every sustainable technology. This is a rugged ship, free of frills, that encapsulates all the knowledge and skills that Dick Gilles and his team possess. Meticulous thought has gone into every detail. The POWERHOUSE boat is a self-sufficient sailing ship, on which you can live and enjoy leisure time.
It has low energy costs, given that you generate it yourself, and it comes with modern equipment for comfortable living. Fitted with the latest innovations, such as 14 lithium batteries that can be charged up in 2 to 3 hours for 2 to 3 weeks’ supply of energy. Hybrid drive. Strong and robust. From the solid ballast for shallow draughts to special types of paint without solvents or preserving agents. With a heat pump and energy generation that make it possible to stay at sea for weeks, but where there is also room for a fully equipped galley and large-capacity washing machines. Moreover, the design guarantees the greatest-possible safety for the crew: plenty of space to work on the foredeck, anti-slip finish on all walking surfaces, and all-round views. A ship for genuine aficionados.
A ship to fall in love with, and one you can not only sail the oceans with, but also call in at the tiniest of harbours. A ship that offers a pleasant living climate, from Norwegian fjord to Caribbean island, with the smallest-possible ecological footprint. On top of all that, the POWERHOUSE boat is both environmentally and financially friendly. The POWERHOUSE boat is currently being built and made suitable for a large crew, although the captain will always be able to withdraw in peace from family members or from the rest of the crew whenever he wants.

Anyone wishing to view the ship should allow plenty of time, because Dick Gilles cannot resist – understandably – talking about this magnificent product.

You can follow the story of the POWERHOUSE boat on this website. Alternatively, make an appointment for a guided tour of the yard with initiator and builder Dick Gilles.

Partners in Maritime project

Dick Gilles Jachtbouw ships and products stand out on account of their design, construction, and finish. User-friendliness is always the main guiding principle. We also keep a close eye on managing energy and materials – before, during, and after the production process. Nonetheless, the minimum ecological footprint goes hand-in-hand with top performance and careful design. Previous projects, such as the Brandaris and electric river boats, are still sailed and cherished by many people. The self-sufficient seafaring houseboat, the POWERHOUSE boat , and the rugged Tideman work boats lie convivially alongside each other in and around the workplace, while at the same time building work is underway on the designer sloops made of recovered plastic, on a light aluminium structure of a pontoon, or the interior of an electrically powered hydrojet. The images of our ships in the photo gallery speak for themselves.

Tideman boats

New electric marine

Plastic whale