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Dick Gilles (1961)

Eponym, owner, entrepreneur, sailor, boatswain, inventor, ship’s mate, yacht builder… Dick has done the lot. A driven man, a veteran of the sailing world and of life on water, much admired by his team and his customers alike. For him, “nothing is too difficult or impossible”, because he always has a solution or, if not, he comes up with one. All his experiences have been brought to life in the remarkable and self-sufficient seafaring houseboat, the POWERHOUSE boat. His greatest dream is nearing completion.

What our customers say

"Dick Gilles built the right aluminium survey boat for us. They do what they promise and they keep you closely involved, even from Dubai."

Joost Post

Gulf Cobla LLC Dubai (since 2019)

"Dick Gilles has built around 10" Brandaris "for us. Nobody can match his quality."
Arthur Oskamp

‘t Wije Yachts, Loosdrecht (since ca. 2004)

"Dick Gilles is an old-fashioned craftsman, a great personality and an artist. He has or finds solutions for special and complex matters. We get along very well."
Bruno Tideman

Tideman Boats (since 2011)

"We have a pleasant partnership with Dick Gilles. Working together, learning together and complementing each other. Straightforward and a healthy amount of stubborness"
Anne Kloppenburg

New Electric Marine (since 2012)

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