The workshop

The workshop in Middenmeer is a compact yard, especially given the multitude of techniques and materials that are used there. Hardly anything is disposed of here, because circularity is the order of the day. The employees know each other inside out and together have knowledge of all the skills needed to be able to carry out the wide range of projects. Naturally we prefer to build complete boats and working vessels, but we are also quite happy to work on partial projects. At Dick Gilles Jachtbouw, we have experience of ships and other vessels, from sloops to superyachts, from work pontoons to tenders. We build them from keel to the top, we install the electrical fittings, the engines, and all kinds of drives. We plane the interiors and fit comfortable furniture. But we are equally at home with repairs and innovation.

One for all, all for one

No challenge is too great. That is Dick Gilles’ attitude, and it is something he has instilled in every employee. In flexible teams, all our specialists work in partnership with our customers on small-scale jobs and repairs all the way to those involving complete yacht building projects. Even just being on the site or when walking through the workshop, you can sense the cheerful atmosphere and the feeling of togetherness. The enjoyment of helping each other, but also of finding a solution that is that bit better than what was asked for. Perhaps in terms of time, or money, or of using a different material. Yacht-building as a top-level sport, with your team-mates as your coach and teacher. There are no rankings, no hierarchy, no ‘status’. Every idea and every suggestion is given careful consideration. With Dick and Mirjam as the shining hub and as the first points of contact.


We work with a wide variety of materials. From hardwood to sustainable Plato wood, from traditional mahogany to modern plywood. Applications in galvanised steel, awkward aluminium, and modern stainless steel. We work expertly with modern plastics and composites, such as HDPE (high-density polyethylene). We like its robust handling and its remarkable characteristics: moist-repellent, and it can be used between temperatures of -30°C and +80°C. For a more refined finish, we can work just as easily with aluminium or stainless steel. We select very carefully the type of paint we use – no solvents or preserving agents, 75% solids, and no filler or special coatings. We are also familiar with using epoxy.
Do you favour the use of polyester or would you prefer recovered plastic bottles?
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Our employees have an excellent command of all the specific techniques needed for designing, restoring, repairing, or maintaining your yacht, ship, or work boat. We build ships from start to finish and carry out partial projects involving engine technology, construction, welding, powder coating, carpentry, furniture making, and electronics.

It goes without saying that the services and products we supply have the appropriate certification.