The POWERHOUSE boat is a self-sufficient sailing ship, on which you can live and enjoy leisure time. It has low energy costs, given that you generate it yourself, and it comes with modern equipment for comfortable living. Fitted with the latest innovations, such as 14 lithium batteries that can be charged up in 2 to 3 hours for 2 to 3 weeks’ supply of energy. Hybrid drive. Strong and robust. A ship for genuine aficionados. A ship to fall in love with, and one you can not only sail the oceans with, but also call in at the tiniest of harbours. A ship that offers a pleasant living climate, from Norwegian fjord to Caribbean island, with the smallest-possible footprint. On top of all that, the POWERHOUSE boat is both environmentally and financially friendly. The POWERHOUSE boat is currently being built and made suitable for a large crew, although the captain will always be able to withdraw in peace from family members or from the rest of the crew whenever he wants.

You can follow the story of the POWERHOUSE boat on this website. Alternatively, make an appointment for a guided tour of the yard with initiator and builder Dick Gilles.