Plastic whale

Plastic Whale is an initiative by Marius Smit. This visionary is dedicated to plastic-free waters, all over the world. Marius has a challenging mission and has the ability to inspire others with his remarkable stories. The aim of his company is to go out of business. Dick Gilles is helping him achieve his aim by building and maintaining remarkable, electrically powered designer sloops, the most important material for which is recovered plastic. In 2015, the first Plastic Whale Admiraal sloop was presented at the HISWA Boat Show. The Van Gansewinkel and Bek & Verburg waste-collection companies had jointly collected more than 10,000 PET bottles from sea vessels in the Groningen Seaports that were used in the construction of the boat.

Plastic Whale is the first professional ‘plastic fishing company’ in the world. There are now ten designer boats made from Amsterdam plastic. The search for waste is being extended to more and more places, for example in the form of company outings on the Amsterdam canals or in the Port of Rotterdam. There is also an information programme for schools and public events are being organised too. Every team, department, and company can help achieve the aim of the Plastic Whale Foundation – this is one case where overfishing is a good thing.

For more information, please see the Plastic Whale Foundation website.